Live online program "Get it done"

Firstly, a big welcome to The Personal Brand and Lifestyle Business development live online program “Get it Done”. If you have landed on this page, that means you are ready to take that next step and turn your passion, skills and talents into profits while doing a greater good for others – your customers. Once you feel it, you can never go back! It’s time to design your dream business and make it work.

You’re here because you have the desire to create an impact in the world by doing what you do, and developing your lifestyle business is an outlet for you to do just that – to be the greatest expression of who you truly are so your audience feels you in a way that won’t have been experienced before and want to sign up to what you have to offer. Deep, huh?

What if I told you that this vision can become a reality a lot faster than you can imagine?

I created my lifestyle business within 18 months from the ground up and now I’m here to share the process with you.

When you implement these strategic 5 milestones deeply unlocked in this program, you too can develop your business with confidence and support required. And what is even better – you can start doing it while you are still employed!

The Get It Done is a 3 month immersive program designed to equip you with the right skills, tools, strategies and mentoring to help you develop your business, so that you can focus on pursuing your passion & doing what you love.

Get it Done - Inga Ezera


  • You set huge goals, have an achievers mindset and want to make an impact.
  • You've been thinking about making a big career/business move.
  • You have lots of ideas & are excited to start your own business, but you’re not sure how to start.
  • It's time for a change!

Join us on a 3 month live online immersive learning and practical implementation experience with Entrepreneurs & professionals from across the globe. Get inspired, empowered and clear on how to start your business to ensure it grows enjoyably and create a Business Plan that you can finally put into action impactfully. Learn from successful founders. Master your mindset and be part of a Global Community.

when and how?

We are starting 4th of May, 2020! Every Monday for 12 consecutive Mondays we will share with you the tools, strategies and mindset techniques to get you started and successful on your business leadership entrepreneurial journey!

It’ s a live online program, so during the program you will be able to:

  • Ask any questions and get them answered,
  • Implement the practical tools and resources to start and grow your business successfully,
  • Reach out get support any time during the program,
  • Connect and learn together with likeminded and build valuable connections globally.
Get it Done program

THE EXPERIENCE 4th May - 20 July | 12 sessions | 3 month to implement

Personal Brand - Inga Ezera
  • Learn Entrepreneurship in a completely new way to build your business based on the the best YOU,
  • Discover how to leverage and monetize your skills & passions, to boost or start your own business,
  • Master the hottest skills in the market: Personal Branding, Digital Marketing, User Experience Design, Signature Solution and much more,
  • Learn from successful founders on how they went from start up to successful businesses,
  • Embrace the Entrepreneurial Mindset to overcome challenges, stop over thinking and start taking action,
  • Rediscover yourself through the Nr 1 Entrepreneurs profiling tool to really understand your path to natural flow in entrepreneurship.
  • Your magic business development moments will also happen though growing your confidence , distinctive positioning and enhancing your shine!


  • 5 milestones in personal brand and business development and your enterprise wealth spectrum.
  • Your Personal Brand development to attract your ideal customers with ease.
  • Your natural flow to wealth, drive and passion in business.
  • Defining your perfect customers and how you can best serve them.
  • Your Unique Value Proposition to magnify your impact and reach though the power of networking.
  • Your products & solutions pipeline to attract and retain your ideal customers.
  • Develop an impactful signature solution to monetize your value.
  • Become the person of influence to viral your impact.
  • Social Media content plan and how to leverage your time and resources.
  • Facebook business page development and how to make it really work for your business.
  • Successful LinkedIn strategies and tactics for your business development.
  • Your 90 day business success and accountability plan.

in summary, the program includes:

  • 5 milestones roadmap to Personal Brand and Business Development.
  • Duration - 3 months, 12 x 1,5h live online teaching 1x week.
  • Practical tools and strategies to implement in between the learning sessions.
  • Recordings of sessions and workbook/toolbox uploaded to Personal Branding Business School platform to revisit with a one year access.
  • Fb group fast response support to special offer buyers.
  • Getting you in FLOW of your natural talents and resources to develop and grow your business with ease.
Get it Done program

how it will work successfully for you:

  • Live online sessions though the zoom video meetings with presentation and tools shared.


  • 12 Monday evenings (you will love your Mondays and get inspired for the whole week!) 18:00 – 19:30 UK/GMT time


  • In case if you will miss any of the sessions due to a busy start of the week, you will receive a session recording and will be able to catch up.

let' s get started!

Don’ t let another year pass without you taking action to achieve your dreams and aspirations! Join the program and get it done, now:


Your investment in this empowering and practical actions packed 3 month program is:


2000 GBP (VAT included).


However, as we support people who are real action takers, here is a special deal to fast action takers:

special offer:

If you are one of 10 people to sign up by 31 March you will get a SPECIAL OFFER:

500 GBP discount from the full program price (e.i. GBP 1500) And a number of a very special things:

  • 1 individualized 1h personal branding mentoring session with Inga Ezera
  • Lifetime access to LinkedIn for Business development online course
  • 1 individualized Your Roadmap to Wealth consultation.
  • Private Fb group access for immediate responses to your questions.
  • 2 tickets - vouchers to an annual mastermind event.
  • 20% discount voucher to another program or mentoring session

SPECIAL OFFER - only 10 spots available

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Isn’t it time to start living an authentic life and be truly who you were meant to be?