Personal Brand & Business Refresh session/s

Personal Brand & Business Refresh session/s

Inga Ezera

Do you struggle to STAND OUT from the crowd and attract ideal clients and opportunities seamlessly?

Is it time for you to:

  • Be more impactful and recognized as “the go to person” in your industry
  • Have more clarity and a guided focus on how to scale your business impactfully
  • Attract more ideal clients
  • Work smarter, not harder and utilize a wider beneficial network
  • Create more revenue streams to make your business more profitable
  • Excel at selling without having to sell, to the clients you don’t even know
  • Make a bigger difference in the world for the causes you care about
  • Enjoy being a lifestyle entrepreneur, who lives the life on their terms either having your own business or working for someone else

This is the perfect time to stop, reflect, and refresh your personal brand and business to achieve aspired goals or destination. If you feel like drifting and are unsure of where you are heading, then the Personal Brand & Business Refresh session/s could be just wat you are looking for. If you have not seen the results you would like to have so far, it’ s not too late to think and take a different course of action to change your results.

How the refresh session/s will work

The Personal Brand and Business Refresh process is simple:

  • You complete a pre-session questionnaire (to bring me up to speed with your personal brand and business/career, your aspirations and where you are now)
  • We meet in person or zoom video meeting for our 1,5 h Refresh Session/s
  • We review the current stage, discover the necessary improvement or change and design the strategy & action plan
  • You leave with clarity on the next steps to take for your success journey
  • In between the session (if there are several ones) you have free access to me via email, phone, or messenger to ensure all the necessary support and additional ideas, progress with the next steps and homework, as well as all your questions answered.

What you get:

The Personal Brand & Business Refresh session/s offers you many rewards as a business owner or entrepreneur. But it is not about reinventing the wheel. This is an opportunity to use everything that you already have in a more systematic way and create a proven and repeatable process to help your customers solve their problems. We will share with you the core principles, strategies and what you need to know, as well as provide you the tools that will help with refresh and progress, taking into account your current state and aspired destination.

Or – if you are on a journey of just starting your business, it will help you with clarity and focus on how to build it successfully and impactfully, again – taking into account your current state and aspired destination. We will share with you our tools and success approaches for developing an impactful personal brand and business model, so you can leverage your time and efforts effectively.

This is a unique personal brand & business development refresh framework designed to guide you through the steps you need to take to move from being “one of many” to being “the one and only” for your ideal customers. Ensuring that you stand out from the crowd in your profession and attract ideal clients and opportunities seamlessly.