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Inga Ezera

Impactful Personal Branding for Business or Career

Having a personal brand is becoming increasingly important nowadays in a trust and credibility demanding world. By having a personal brand we are able to have an impact, to attract opportunities and to future proof ourselves in ever changing times.

The impact of personal branding is simply being known and trusted for the particular value you deliver. When aiming to solve their problems, people are not looking for another coach, another start up founder, another expert or business leader.

They are looking for something to believe in, someone to be inspired by, someone to learn from, someone whom they trust to help them with a solution, result, or outcome they are looking for.

Your products or services, your programs or projects, your LinkedIn profile, Instagram or Facebook posts are a waste of time until your audience sees what makes you unique. They need to believe what you believe, to feel that you understand them – their pains and frustrations, desires and aspirations.

That’s how you build an impactful personal brand. You start with your big picture, your why you care for a particular cause or audience, your values, mission and passion, then you turn that into your value proposition for your customer, your products and services, your signature solution, your content strategy and social media plan.

Until you understand your purpose, until you can communicate what you do and why you do it, until you can show that you understand and care for your customer, why would anyone follow you and be willing to work with you or buy your products and services?

I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, experts and business leaders become more visible, valuable and well-connected in their industry. We offer a wide range of services and solutions to help businesses achieve sustainable growth.

You have succeeded when all you really want is only what you really need.

- Ellie Lindström

Teach me, Mentor me, Do it for me

To help you achieve your goals, I work in variety of ways - choose what works best for you:

Teach me

Sometimes all you need is someone to show you the way and give you the tools and map for the journey. I run workshops, webinars and deliver online training courses to teach you everything you need to build your personal brand and profitable business or an enjoyable career.

Teach me is the place to look if you are a self starter who is highly motivated, you dont need someone to walk alongside you, you just need someone to shine a light in the right direction and provide you with relevant tools.

Teach me is a group work or classroom learning experience, so if you are looking for an individual experience, take a look at Mentor me.

Mentor me

One of the best ways to create transformation in your life and busienss is to work with someone 1:1, to have someone walking alongside you, guiding you, teaching you and keeping you accountable.

Mentor me is for people who want to create lasting change. Who want to really invest in themselves and their personal brand.

Mentor me is aimed to help you progress to the next level where you need to, it is designed to work around you, we can spend a few hours together or 3-6 months, whatever you need to get you where you want to get to.

Do it for me

For those who have a little less time to invest, but with a little more money. Do it for me is where my team and I will step in to do it for you. We will do practical impact things for you from developing your personal brand strategy, making your LinkedIn profile your value proposition or implementing LinkedIn business or career development strategy and tactics.

For busier CEOs, MDs, experts and leaders, Do it for me is hands off for you, enabling you to focus on what you do, while we take care of your brand.

To help you choose the most relevant programs:

Personal Brand & Business Refresh session/s

With this 121 session/s (as few or as many as you need) we help entrepreneurs, experts, service providers, business owners and executives like yourself refresh their personal brand and business model to take control of the growth process, explore the alternatives of skyrocketing your impact and business and stop doing what does not work for you and your business.


Personal Brand Development Strategy: From Unknown to Expert

With this 121 mentoring program we help entrepreneurs, experts, service providers, business owners and executives like yourself create a brand by design instead of by default, gain greater influence in their industries and companies, and become thought and industry leaders in their fields to achieve aspired goals seamlessly.



Personal Brand & Business Development Mastermind

With this mastermind program we provide you with the tools and strategies you need to design, build, and accelerate your business through the power of a personal brand and an impactful business model to achieve aspired goals, along with the peer group experience, support and challenge to learn, grow and implement. The value of the mastermind is not just learning and implementing valuable concecpts and approaches, but also builds on the experience, challenge, support of and accountabiity by the likeminded.

LinkedIn Strategy for Business or Career - discovery session

With this 121 session we help you discover, learn and get ready to implement proven practical success strategies and tactics to build your brand and expand your business or career leads and opportunities through the power of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Done for You Light program

Within this 3-day Done For You program you get your LinkedIn profile done for you as your pitch, so that you can take it from there and further expand your personal brand and business growth through the power of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Business or Career. Done for you – PRO program

Within this 1 month done for you program you get your LinkedIn profile done for you as your pitch and your LinkedIn success strategy implemented for you, so that you can take it from there and further expand your personal brand and business growth though the power of LinkedIn.