Personal Brand Development Strategy: From Unknown to Expert

Personal Brand Development Strategy: From Unknown to Expert

Inga Ezera

Does your audience see the value in your brand?

If you don’t define your personal brand, someone else will define it for you. With this 121 mentoring program we help entrepreneurs, experts, service providers, business owners and executives like yourself create a brand by design instead of by default, gain greater influence in their industries and companies, and become thought and industry leaders in their fields.

We provide you the tools, strategies, support, guidance, focus and accountability you need to design, build, and accelerate a successful personal brand to achieve aspired goals.

With this personal brand strategy program we help you connect with your audience, define your voice and align your communication to your goals to go from being an unknown to being a recognized expert in your field.

This is how our process can help you:

The Roadmap. Every important journey needs a map. That’s precisely why we have created a detailed 5-track Personal brand strategy roadmap just for you for greater visibility and for a heightened trust, reputation and reach.

#1 BUILD your personal brand value

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Explore your uniqueness. Clarify and identify your unique assets.
  • Define You. Articulate your purpose and the impact you want to have in your area of expertise, business or career.
  • Assess your impact: Review how you are currently communicating your message out into the world, does it attract the right audience and what needs to change.
  • Develop your Unique Value Proposition. Describe your identity and what you do in one powerful sentence, that helps to attract ideal customers, employers and partners with ease through your value.
  • Empower your confidence. Empower you to skyrocket your goals and aspirations through the power of your personal brand.

#2 DEFINE your customer to deliver value to your tribe

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Define Your Customer. Identify your perfect customers and how you can best serve them.
  • Understand your Customer. Get under the skin of your customers current pains and aspired goals .
  • Clarify your impact. Get absolutely clear on the problems you are solving and the value you are delivering for your customer.
  • Create your solution pitch. Write your solution pitch in one powerful message that you can easily communicate with your audience in their language.
  • Develop your MVP. Identify the minimal viable product or solution necessary to generate attention and interest in your added value and solution.

#3 DEVELOP an impactful solution to monetize your value

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Develop valuable products or service concepts. Find out how to identify your ideal customer needs that you can fulfill with your products and services funnel.
  • Ensure uniqueness. Create unique services and an approach that provide better solutions to your ideal customer than your competitors do in your niche.
  • Leverage proven monetization methods. Uncover the most lucrative ways to make money by developing your solutions funnel.
  • Create a referral strategy. Learn how to create a snowball effect utilizing a successful referral strategy.
  • Deliver excellent customer service. Discover how great customer service will nourish and grow your brand.

#4 BECOME the Person of Influence to viral your impact

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Establish Your Authority. Discover the easy way to become a recognized, respected expert in your field.
  • Build Relationships. Find out how to expand your personal brand’s reach through the magic of P2P (person to person) marketing.
  • Utilise the power of partnerships. Established profitable partnerships that further expand your impact, brand, network and revenue.
  • Learn the ninja-networking tactics. Master the art of networking, delivering value and smooth requesting for leads through the power of your ever growing network.
  • Implement the impact plan. Execute the clear action plan to become a person of influence in your industry, applying the matrix of approaches.

#5 SKYROCKET your social media visibility to attract the enjoyable opportunities

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Set Up Your Social Media impactfully. Map out an excellent social media impact strategy, discover how to use the right approach to generate trust, expand your visibility and impact.
  • Create Content Strategy. Learn how to plan, share and leverage excellent information while simultaneously spreading your unique message across your chosen social media platforms.
  • Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn. Discover 5 tactics to apply to use the power of LinkedIn for your Personal Brand expansion.
  • Use LinkedIn for business or career development. Learn how to develop and utilize your LinkedIn profile for greater impact and exciting lead generation for business or career.
  • Expand the opportunities. Establish a greater executive presence, promotion, or expanded opportunities to receive the projects, speaking proposals and clients you love working with.

How it works:

The program will be tailored to suit your individual needs and will help you to:

  • Gain Clarity about your needs from your business, your customers, your business model and products.
  • Work with Your Strengths maximising your potential and your sense of achievement, knowing what to outsource, and finding the confidence to step into your expert status.
  • Gain Momentum prioritising your efforts and scheduling to enable you to turn your ideas into action and results.

What You Get:

The program will be tailored to suit your individual needs and will help you to:

  • Initial 1 hour Discovery Session (in person or via Zoom) to start to map out your 90 Day Plan of Action
  • 2 x one hour Accountability Mentoring sessions per month (in person or via Zoom)
  • Access to Inga via email/ messenger /phone throughout the mentoring period
  • Access to Inga's own suite of personal brand and business development tools to support your journey