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The 7 Factors of Flow

Flow is the new blackDiscover it, own it, and make your impact where it matters – personallyfinancially, and beyond.

The key is flow. You might ask, “the key to what?” Well, pretty much everything, and I think that’s pretty cool.

And I’d like to share a little bit about what that means, why it gets me excited, and how it might be relevant to experienced or aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders like you.

The following is an extract from Roger Hamilton book “Your Life, Your Legacy”, on the seven phenomena of flow.
“As we play our natural game, and attract others who are playing the same game, we come across seven phenomena which accelerate us. Each of us has experienced one or more of these at times when we were in the flow. When you sustain this flow, these seven phenomena become magnified.

The 7 Phenomena of Your Flow:

  1. Critical Moments: These are the moments when the game is won or lost. How you recognize these moments and react in these fractions of time will define your life.
  2. Learning Cycles: Each game is in itself a learning cycle. The number of times you play and your cumulative learning will define your performance in future critical moments.
  3. Failing Forward: There are two types of failure. One gives you the learning, the other end the game. Knowing how to differentiate between the two allows you to continue to play.
  4. Opportunities: There are two types of opportunities. One you create, one you attract. Knowing how to pass on one and how to attract the other is key to the level at which you play.
  5. The Strength of Certainty: Our success in life has more to do with what we say no to than what we say yes to. Being certain of the game you play escalates your attraction.
  6. The Power of Perseverance: Continuing to play the same game, through good times and bad times, gives a level of confidence to others to play with you. We fail when we quit.
  7. The Magic of Momentum: Winning teams win and lose on momentum. Momentum comes from an ongoing combination of the previous six. Momentum is the ultimate attractor.”

It’s my passion to help people gain full clarity on who they are and where they want to be, and it’s my privilege to guide and closely support these entrepreneurs and business leaders towards becoming the very best at what they do, as well as make a profound difference in the world.

One of the great tools I apply to help you discover your natural flow is Talent Dynamics or Wealth Dynamics profiling tool, check it out on this web page!

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